eGovernment Solutions

Almazina Ltd is an international leader in the eGovernment Solutions of high quality and highly secure identity solutions. It views its innovative IT solutions as a way to manage the huge flow of citizens in and out of country and the growth in citizen population more effectively.

Our eGovernment solutions allow the public sector to co-operate with international, national, and local governance, and the interactions between them. It empowers citizen’s to increase local business, use health care more effectively, and improve their education, etc. by enabling citizens to access public services in numerous and geographical scattered facilities.

It creates a 100% paperless office: document automation routing, to streamline businesses processes, replacing legacy systems with an appropriate modern and highly secure digital public services. It can detect and prevent fraudulent transactions, and protect information from intentional or inadvertent release to unauthorised persons. Additionally, our eGov solutions enables data capture without any human interaction providing a way to minimise human errors, labour cost and time. It can help you by reducing identity errors instantly. It cuts all the duplicate work, and provides an automated public service.

We have implemented secure identity solutions using the newest technologies and secure platforms. We provide the most advanced chip platforms from various chip suppliers, which are certified according to Common Criteria to prove that they meet the highest level of modern life security with IAS, PKI and Biometric:

  • ePassport, National eID
  • eBirth Certificate, eCivil Registrations, eTax Certificate
  • ePayments ID
  • eDriving Licence, eBlue Badges Certificate (Disabilities and Driving)
  • eVehicle Registration Certificate, eTax Certificate, eInsurance Certificate, ePlates Number, eParking Solutions
  • eMedical ID
  • Gov-PaaS, Gov-Data Centre

This solution collects the demographic and biometric data from residents, whoare is sued with a unique identity. This unique identity enables residents to identify themselves for government services, such as Social welfare, Transportation authority, Medical care, Government staff payments, School enrollment, Tourism, and Passports.


Almazina provides a secure ePassport (Biometric passport) solutions. Almazina recognise the increasing demand for secure ePassport, secure identity care and identification management to prevent identity theft, creation of false identities, counterfeit, and faking. Almazina uses the highly secure and cut-edge technologies to address the needs for personalisation of ePassport in accordance to internationally recognised standards of ICAO Doc. 9303, which contains current ICAO specifications for machine-readable passports, visas and ID cards, travel documents used in crossing the borders. It is equipped with protection mechanisms to avoid and detect attacks:

  • Non traceable chip characteristics
  • BAC protects the communication channel between the chip and the reader by encrypting transmitted information

eID Cards

Our secure identity card products provide government services with enhanced security, increased productivity, improved quality, lower costs, reducing fraudulent fraudulent use of cloned identity cards, and providing a better services.. For secure applications, Almazina offers Composite ID cards that provides a greater average lifespan than most cards available on the market.

Our Secure advanced security laminates offer a multitude of secure features including unique holographic images, optical variable ink, morphing and more. Applied by our partner Security class card printers, these protective materials provide increased durability and prolonged card life by preventing image fading and dye migration that can occur with normal card use.

Overt visual security elements, which are visible to the human eye, are easy to authenticate and difficult to forge.
Covert elements require a device to make them readable by the human eye.
Forensic elements are microscopic and the most difficult for a counterfeiter to detect and replicate.
Our identity cards give you quality results every time. Our PVC and Composite PVC cards are guaranteed ISO-compliant and provide:
  • High-performance image sharpness for rich colours and crisp barcodes.
  • Advanced smart security access options, such as embedded holograms, magnetic stripes, RFID chips or custom designs.

eMedical Identity

Almazina eMedical ID solutions can be focused in a variety of ways to improve operational effectiveness, financial, administrative performance, risk management and regulatory compliance, which will help by reducing fraud and abuse. It allows doctors and medical staff to access patient’s medical history in few milliseconds, and it provider a better quality of care for patients.. Furthermore, it facilitaies access to health care, whatever the geographical location and enables medical staff/student to work more closely together from different regions.

Almazina has taken a new approaches to healthcare delivery. With the grow of number of population in Africa, healthcare organizations deliver on these demands. But it takes big plans, discrete actions, and some very specific management approaches to gain the benefit of Almazina smart hospital system:

  • facilitating access to healthcare, whatever the geographical location.
  • Breaking down the barriers, by enabling health service providers from different regions to work more closely together.
  • More reliable diagnosis and treatments.
  • Improve clinical Quality of Care, and Patient Safety.
  • An aid to identifying medical errors, wellness, prevention and disease management.
  • By enabling doctors and nurses to work remotely, it enables doctors and nurses to manage more effectiviely.
  • Increase operating speed and adaptability, optimise supply chain and human capital management.
  • Improve risk management, regulatory compliance, and reduces fraud and abuse.


The solution design for TeleHealth and mHospital is based firmly on a subset of new Almazina eHospital functionality. The primary difference is in the presentation, which is optimised for the mHosptial user experience. All data required for the web pages are retrieved using existing functionality.

Beyond the general application of eHospital to business goals, the development and use of Almazina mHospital and TeleHealth systems are among the top performaners geared towards achieving specific objectives and priorities. In addition to the above, Almazina mHospital can be focused in a variety of ways to improve clinical quality of care, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and as a result of these changes also increase your revenue and return on investment.

eGov Payment

Our Payment solution offers secure prepaid cards and a cashless payment solutions. Each ePayment is tied to a specific personal eID, Bank account, Hospital ID, Government staff ID and Student ID which can be loaded by authorities with wage payments as well as by family members. This eliminates any fraud with the safety of citizens’ transactions but also allows economies of scale by operating a more streamlined and efficient system across the country. Our system can securely store billion of payments data and can process million transaction or payments per millisecond.

eGov Transportation

Our secure eVehicle identification solutions provide accurate, scalable and extremely reliable identification to seamlessly manage and control the movement of vehicles. It is designed to identify those who keep uninsured vehicles on the road. It is accurate and more cost effective. Our eVehicle identity solutions can add the following efficiencies to vehicle management processes:

  • Reads or scans registration certificate anytime and anywhere.
  • Automation will allow you to seamlessly manage gate operations without manual processing.
  • Collect data faster in greater detail & eliminate human error.
  • Enforces drivers to have valid Insurance.
  • Reduces the number of police officers, traffic officers, or parking officers on the roads.
  • Resolves the claims within few days, cuts fraud claims, and cuts the cost of claim processing.
  • Cuts the cost of administrating the actual licensing transaction.

Our solution can automatically check whether the vehicle has a valid insurance, valid registration certificate, valid tax certificate and valid plate number without a motorist presence. This platform is designed to report a traffic accident in Real-Time. It can automatically collect the vehicle identities by just reading the car plate number, the vehicle certificate or insurance certificate. Moreover, it allows officers to recored the list of damage to vehicles and a description of any injuries sustained by pedestrians, drivers and passengers.

eGov PaaS

Our eGov PaaS is an innovative and bespoke quality model for public services. It can help to improve your operational planning, which is an important tool for translating government policies and strategic objectives into day-to-day management activities. It will help to assist in planning activities across different levels of the public sector (i.e., community, district, and national departments).

  • Resilient and Responsive Health Systems.
  • Improves a government organization's approach to performance management.
  • Build link between resource availability and the targets set.
  • Data can be used in priority and setting target in Health care and public services.
  • Informs you of priority areas and targets.
  • Remove the lack of technical support by the Government team members to peripheral sites.

eGov Mobile

eGov Mobile Solutions is a Java-based application and handheld eID reader that provides Real-Time and remotely managed capabilities. They seamlessly integrate with our eGov PaaS platform, that can operate on various handheld eID reader device manufacturers including Nordic ID, Zebra Technologies and Smart Phones.
This solutions dramatically increases workers mobility by allowing the access to common public services on the move, hence, reducing the requirement of non-productive activities such as paperwork and manual data entry. The features eGov Mobile Solutions are:

  • Data is stored securely in the local memory of the devices when network connections are not available
  • Data is forwarded instantly when network connections are available, or becomes available, improve timeliness of the system
  • Mobile devices can be synchronised with the system using their native communication methods of 4G, 3G, GPRS, GSM, WiFi or docking stations
  • Our eGov Mobile Solutions will provide you with transparency of to their day-to-day operations to enable you to focus more effort on other aspect of their business. More importantly, our system will reduce the operational cost because of the reduction in manual involvement in the process

eGov Gate Control

Pre-installed gate control and reader at the checkpoints can read the eID and eVehicle instantly and automatically without human intervention, which is very valuable in a high volume distribution environment.
Our system will be able to provide accurate data in each eID or ePassport, including serial number, name of the person, Biometric data, expire date, etc. when the person passes a specific checking point. Moreover, our system can increase the speed and accuracy of accounting by reducing the amount of human interactions required to identify person or vehicle. We aim to improve the visibility, cost responsiveness and Public security.

eDisaster Manager

Alert System can send information to the nation or community during the crises and emergencies. Our Disaster Manager system can ensure effective, efficient and timely action to address public health priorities to enable a faster recovery from crises by ensuring the local health system is functioning.