Our IT Solutions

Almazina Ltd experiences with businesses small, medium and large is real, and so are the results we bring to our clients. Our mission is to deliver lasting change to our customers. We can help you translate technology into business value, reducing the costs, increasing the productive and help develop resources and technical abilities. Every business is unique but each face a range of common business challenges. Select from the list of key challenges your business is facing today discover how Almazina Ltd IT solutions and services can support your technological infrastructure help your business grow.

As your enterprise grows and changes, your existing IT or new infrastructure can become difficult to manage. Our IT for solutions can help you optimise your IT operations and investments, enabling you to integrate systems that map back to your defined business rules and keep your business up and running with affordable IT solutions. We will also work with you to understand your needs, determine the best options and find the Almazina Ltd or business partner that is right for you.

Enterprise Data Security

Our IT solutions enable secured encryption and decryption from with applications such as customer credit card, account number, personal ID number, etc. Almazina is constantly seeking ways to reduce the scope and cost of your PCI DSS assessments. Our third party Tokenization solution also can reduce the enterprise’s risk of a costly.

SMS Solutions

Almazina SMS solutions provide a range of SMS services aimed at the prepaid utilities, banking sector, health, care, manufacturing, governments, mobile services operators and other demanding markets. Our solutions harness today's cutting-edge technology in order to provide instant communication product tools. Almazina's delivers an instant, low-cost campaigner, marketing and advertising tool ideal for customer relationship management and unparalleled products or services exposure via the GSM networks. The SMS Campaigner enables to create, send and receive targeted SMS campaigns, prepaid utilities, billing, alerts, advertisement and other, featuring advanced interactive functionalities.

From consultancy, planning and development through to testing, delivery and on-going support. Almazina's bespoke SMS solutions are integral to an impressive range of applications and products for some of the best known brands in SMS Campaigner, SMS Payment, SMS Prepaid, and back end system.

Enterprise Mobile Applications

Almazina is the smart mobile phones applications experts, has created one of the most extensive and successful secure M-applications services in the world. Now in its few years of operation, we have live mobile applications in both the UK and Sub-Saharan region. We are also working towards the launch of a M-applications network across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa in conjunctions with our new partners. Our international interests also continue to grow in the west African countries (which is delivered in partnership with Vass Information Services). Further territorial advancements across other regions (Middle East and Algeria) are being progressed.

We believe that everyone in the world should be able to manage their business on their mobile phone, anytime and from anywhere. Our market leading platform provides a single connection point for financial institutions, merchants and network operators around the world.

Improve your IT efficiency by taking control of your IT environment, and your business, with our new IT solutions that help you simplify and utilize resources to their fullest potential. Align your IT system with your business goals, reduce your costs, and make your business more efficient and flexible than ever before by optimising with Almazina.


Almazina IT Solutions is focused on delivering solutions for enabling enterprises with RFID/Auto-ID technology. Our goal is to help companies improve their supply chain efficiency and visibility by developing RFID enabled applications and integrating RFID infrastructure with enterprise applications using our RFID application development and deployment platform.
RFID assists in determining the location of valuable assets and the transit timing and condition, providing continual timely, actionable information. Enterprises in manufacturing, agriculture, retail, construction, equipment and fleet rentals, defense, aviation, fulfilment and more can all benefit from this ability to track, trace and know in real time.

Mobile Barcoding (M-Barcoding)

M-barcoding application is one of our potential products. Mobile barcodes will create lively and fast to market applications. The mobile barcoding application has been integrated with the Almazina IT solutions, allowing mobile content management and billing through SMS and mobile Internet channels. We are developing a M-Barcoding solution for our consumer goods.

Web Applications

We provide custom secure Web development solutions for any businesses. We use the open platforms and a service-oriented architecture, which allow applications running as services, to be accessed in a distributed computing environment, such as between multiple systems or across the internet.

Social Media Marketing

We are one of the best in the Social Media Marketing solutions. We offer comprehensive advice on planning and executing IT strategy or devising a plan for promoting an online brand through digital marketing and social media.