Smart Digital Tourism Management (SDTM)

Digital tourism is one of Almazina’s area of expertise, which helps your businesses become more flexible, while controlling costs. Our SDTM platform, as a whole, provides more integrated infrastructure, which can power innovation while helping you protect your current investments and dramatically improve the performance of your business processes. It is possible to cut out much of your paperwork and labour involved in the organisation and its regional offices, thus reduces human errors and improve productivity. In short, this new breed of SDTM brings IT Agility to your organisation, helping businesses achieve unprecedented new agility at every level in you digital ecosystem.

We are eager to take on the challenge faced by the Africa Tourism industry in the modern world. We endeavour to provide the best IT solution and IT services for your problem. With our integrated IT solution, we aim to triple the number of tourist by 2020. Our innovative approaches to Digital Tourism will help you to scale as needed, remain ahead of competition, small and medium-size tourism businesses improve their efficiency.

Almazina Ltd is the One-Stop Digital Tourism Solution that you need for solving your IT problem. We have an experienced team and our expertise covers wide areas of technology including Digital Tourism, Digital Marketing, Centralised Management System, Real-Time Services (RTS), and automated monitoring number of tourists.

Our Goals and Focus

Our goal is to help the organisation to improve its supply chain efficiency and international visibility by developing an integrating infrastructure with Internet based applications, which encompasses your existing technologies and workflows. Further, we will help you on how to innovate, prioritise opportunities and mitigate the risks of your Tourism growth strategy. Our vision, values, and leadership style will immediately impact on the your Tourism business.

Our focus on delivering innovative IT solutions and services for enabling the enterprises market business with innovative digital Tourism management. We provide high performance platforms that are effective for the fast-moving Tourism business. Using our IT solutions and IT services to manage your products increase the utilisation rate, cuts annual spending, allows divestment of under-utilised assets, and improves confidence that products are always be available when needed.

What do we offer you?

We can offer you the most cost effective and up-to-date IT solution that does not only cater for your current business needs, but also your business growth in the future. We will create strategies and policies tailored to suit your needs, always improving our IT solutions and IT services to meet the ever-changing business demands.

Working with Almazina's total IT solution support, you enjoy a consistent and predictable support relationship that caters to your unique needs. And by helping to resolve urgent events and issues rapidly, Almazina Ltd allows your IT staff to spend less time putting out fires and more time on enterprise-wide activities that drive innovation and add business value.

The best-suited IT solutions, IT services including infrastructure, hardware, will be sought to deliver the requirements of Tourism's operation environment. We will negotiate with you the best networking solutions to fulfil your RTS requirements for system updating and decision making process. The operation of our SDTM platform is elegant and involves the least human inter-actions. Hence, our solution can reduce your long-term operation and maintenance costs.

Business Benefits

Almazina business strategy will revolve around the need to provide quality IT solutions and IT services to its clients and tourists. It intends to attain the following objectives:

  • Increase International tourists arrivals and raises the attractiveness of the destination as an investment location for Tourism investors, and Africa's competitiveness in the Tourism sector.
  • Translate innovative IT solutions into Tourism business value, reducing the costs, increasing productivity and help Africa's Tourism business develop resources and technical abilities.
  • Build a unique country image, tourism marketing strategy, promoting the Africa Tourism services national and globally.
  • Improve services marketplace in the interests of tourists, enhancing quality, ensuring value for money and improving access to digital marketing.
  • Improve IT efficiency with our solutions and reduce its costs, maximise data usage, free up resources, reduce risks and stay ahead of client's competition.
  • Create a 100% paperless office, document automation routing to streamline businesses processes, replacing legacy systems with appropriate modern digital tourism.
  • Build High-Tech culture that provide a model for the society of the future, extensive employment opportunities for communities at tourist destinations, and digital learning systems.
  • Strengthening its IT infrastructure and technical expertise relevant to Tourism areas, and improve timeliness of information flow and products cycle including IT services, tour services, hotel services, etc.